Product benefits

Our GermanLac lactose products are of highly pure, natural milk sugar containing up to 99.40% of lactose and providing a clearly soluble lactose quality. To gain a white lactose quality our GermanLac white products are decolorized via activated carbon filters and provide very low ash contents. Our GermanLac edible and GermanLac white products are available in various particle sizes from 60 to 200 mesh.

■ Highly pure milk sugar
■ Natural
■ Clearly soluble lactose quality
■ GermanLac white with low ash content
■ Kosher and Halal approved
■ Suitable for vegetarians
■ White to yellowish color of GermanLac edible
■ White color of GermanLac white
■ Pure, typical tasting
■ Available in 60, 100 and 200 mesh