High-quality milk proteins (GermanMicell) MCC 8000 / 8500 / INSTANT

Product benefits

Our GermanMicell MCC 8000 / 8500 is a premium quality micellar casein concentrate containing at least 85% of protein and is extracted directly from fresh skimmed milk. Due to its special production process our GermanMicell MCC 8000 / 8500 has a special casein-to-whey-ration of 90:10 that makes the product resistant to high temperatures. Our GermanMicell MCC 8000 / 8500 has a very pure and soft taste even at high dosage compared to caseinates. The gentle production process using state-of-the-art membrane technology preserves the native nature of the micellar casein. Our GermanMicell GermanMicell MCC 8000 / 8500 INSTANT provides excellent instant properties due to powder agglomeration and lecithination.

■ High quality micellar casein concentrate
■ Natural
■ Special casein-to-whey protein ratio of 90:10
■ Well balanced nutritional profile
■ Good source of EAA and BCAA
■ Low lactose and low fat content
■ Good dispersibility properties
■ Kosher and Halal approved
■ Suitable for vegetarians
■ White color
■ Very pure and clean tasting
■ Creamy mouthfeel
■ GermanMicell MCC 8000 / 8500 INSTANT with soy lecithin