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Our high-quality functional proteins can help to enhance product taste, appearance, functionality and performance of fresh dairy products and cheese in order to improve your product quality and efficiency at the same time.

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Our high-quality micellar casein concentrate GermanMicell MCC 8000 is an excellent ingredient to add to fresh products as it increases texture, mouthfeel and the creaminess of your products, and is favourable for the standardisation of protein content. Due to its neutral taste even with high dosages, it represents an excellent alternative to caseinates and other casein concentrates. With its special casein-to-whey protein ratio of 90:10, GermanMicell MCC 8000 provides functional benefits especially for cheese production, as it can increase the cheese yield and is favourable for the standardisation of the protein content in cheese milk.


Our high-quality whey protein concentrate GermanProt 8000 provides important functional benefits favourable for the production of fresh dairy products as it provides gelling, serum binding and creaminess. Due to its high water-binding capacity GermanProt 8000 increases the viscosity and improves the product texture of fresh dairy products.