Infant nutrition

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The best nutritional option for newborn infants is breast milk as it provides all essential nutrients infants need for growth and development. When breastfeeding is not an option, every mother looks for an alternative to provide her infant with the best possible substitute.

Our product solutions


Our high-quality whey proteins GermanProt 9000 and GermanProt 8000 are excellent protein sources to add to infant formulas as they meet the unique nutritional needs of infants. Our GermanProt 9000 provides a superior and well-balanced nutritional profile compared to other protein sources and is an excellent source of essential amino acids. Having a finer curd structure, whey protein may result in more rapid gastric emptying and easier digestion, and is therefore favourable for the small stomach of newly born babies.


Our natural milk sugar GermanLac product range consists of highly pure, natural lactose products containing up to 99,4 % of lactose. As an important source of energy, the products are favourable to add to infant formulas, especially the de-coloured lactose quality of GermanLac white, which is produced through a special filtration process.